We believe everyone who comes through our doors should feel welcomed, connected with God, and connected with great people to do life with! That’s why we encourage you to join in and make those connections!


One way is through joining a Connect Group!  As our church grows larger, we understand it must also grow smaller in focus in order to care for each and every individual member.  While weekends are a time to join together as a church, Connect Groups are designed to be fun and relevant, as well as provide personal support and the opportunity to develop relationships mid-week! 

10.30am TOWN CENTRE           01323 730031

WEDNESDAY daytime Connect Group

Contact Esme or Heather for details 

8pm TOWN CENTRE                  07793 452787

WEDNESDAY  evening Connect Group 

Contact Maurice & Annabelle for details 

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8pm TOWN CENTRE                 07551 793 973

THURSDAY evening Connect Group

Contact Paul & Debbie for details 

8pm PEVENSEY                       07403 356 294

THURSDAY evening Connect Group

Contact Freddie & Jane for details 

8pm OLD TOWN                         07412 117129

THURSDAY evening Connect IN PERSON Group

Contact Jon & Abi for details 

8pm LANGNEY                            07849 963809

THURSDAY evening Connect Group  

Contact Mike & Karen for details 

8pm OLD TOWN                         07828 640589

THURSDAY evening Connect Group for Kids Team Contact Peter & Liz for details