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SUNCOASTBelieves and presents the following basic truths: 

The Holy Scriptures 

Their inspiration and infallibility

The Godhead

Comprising Father, Son and Holy Spirit

The Lord Jesus Christ 

His humanity, deity, virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death for the sins of the world, resurrection for our justification, ascension to the Father’s right hand and personal return to reign upon the earth

Salvation By faith in and confession of Jesus Christ as Lord 

producing an upright and moral life

The Ordinances

Water baptism, for all believers by immersion, the Lord’s Supper, celebrated regularly in remembrance of Christ

Divine Healing 

​Secured for every believer through the atonement of Christ; and deliverance from all bondage to the power of Satan

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

With speaking in other tongues

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

For the equipment of ministry and the edification of the church; the fruit of the Holy Spirit as the expression of Christian character

Church Universal 

​Comprising all born again believers of all nations and denominations under the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ

Bible Prophecy 

Its fulfilment in world events,

heralding the climax of this age and

the return of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit’s Government

The Holy Spirit’s total freedom to govern, to lead and to direct the move of the church

Raising the Standard 

A standard of righteousness to be raised up in the life of the nation

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