We believe everyone who comes through our doors should feel welcomed, connected with God, and connected with great people to do life with! That’s why we encourage you to join in and make those connections!

One way is through joining a Connect Group!  As our church grows larger, we understand it must also grow smaller in focus in order to care for each and every individual member.  While weekends are a time to join together as a church, Connect Groups are designed to be fun and relevant, as well as provide personal support and the opportunity to develop relationships mid-week! 




An important part of our Sunday service involves singing and music and to make this happen the team meet regularly to rehearse.  We also use this time to train sound engineers, media technicians and work with all things creative.  


If you are a musician, singer, sound engineer, media technician or involved in the creative arts and you would like to know more please use the contact page and get in touch.  Rehearsals take place weekly at Suncoast Church.

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